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  1. Franz

    Dear Vittorio!
    You are a singinglike a god, who looks so great, that a man like me begins to love you…

  2. Jay Kim

    To me, your voice is just the best tenor voice that I’ve ever heard in my life. I saw you on Met’s stage three years in a row: 2013 (Rigoletto), 2014 (Concert), and 2015 (Hoffman).

  3. Judi berry

    Dear Vittorio, I recently discovered your music on Amazon. I must say, you are a beautiful man, who makes beautiful music. I am an old woman. My first Tenor “crush” was Mario Lanza. Now I find, in my older years, that I can still have a “crush” on a Tenor. You make this old heart sing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice. I am now your humble fan. I just wish I was a young fan :-). I bought a CD and love it. I will buy more when I can, as I am retired and live on a small income. Thank you for reminding me that music can be passionate and stir one’s heart, no matter how old we are.

  4. Mary

    Loving the album, In the hands of love. A beautiful album sung with such emotion. Makes me cry its so lovely. A truly beautiful voice. I hope I will have the opportunity to hear you sing live one day soon, there is such beauty in your voice.

  5. Mazzoli Romain

    Caro Vittorio , Vorrei venire ad assistere ad uno dei vostri concerti , mi puo dire quando vieni in francia o in lussemburgo per piacciere ? Grazie a lei


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