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Richard Holden
United States

Hi, Vittorio.

My wife and I "collect" tenors. You are the newest in the collection. The beauty of your voice reminds me of Tagliavini; your diction is as precise as Bergonzi's was; the security of the voice seems like Bocelli's--smooth and steady from top to bottom (with a bigger voice, I guess, or you wouldn't have been engaged at The Met). Carlo Bergonzi has taught so many great singers--La Scola, and Licitra, come to mind--that I wonder if you know him. I saw him live, on stage, four times and was always inpressed, even in his late fifties.

I'm buying your albums today, offered on and know I'll be pleased. I'm glad there were samples on your site because it's nice to know in advance what one is getting. I wish you good luck, and a bit of advice (from a senior citizen): don't forget who your friends were on the way up, always make time for your parents, and don't get a big head.

All our best,

Richard and Suzanne
Vancouver, WA, USA.

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Joanne Mazzarelli Silva
United States

Bravo, vittorio on your new CD and your performance in La Boheme..Congratulations! You have such a beautiful voice.

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Seonhee Yoon
Korea: Republic of

Absolutly, you are the best !!!
Your voice is SO~~~~ beautiful and just amazing.
I expect you have a concert in Korea soon.
Congratulations on your debut at the MET.

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Marnie Henderson
United Kingdom

Hello Vittorio

Just wanted to leave a message to say how much I enjoyed your
debut at The Met in New York. I absolutely love your voice - and your
Che gelida manina - gorgeous - could listen to it time and time again.

La Scala Milan will be the next venue for me ..... so hurry up next year.

Very best wishes

Marnie Henderson

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Allen Blessing
United States

Bravo! I was in the MET shouting at your final bow Saturday night! I was not looking forward to yet another BOHEME, but you made the performance one of the best in years. I look forward to hearing you many more times at the MET. Your website is wonderful!!


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United Kingdom

Congratulations Vittorio on your wonderfully received debut appearance at the Met!

Best wishes


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Antoinette Thompson
United States

Bravo Vittorio!!!!! on your Debut at the Met.
I was in the Dress Circle Sat. night for your first performance and shouted Bravo at the end of Che Gelida Manina. Applauded as loud as I could all the way through. Very best wishes for all your performances.
Your voice is just amazing.

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Michel Cialdella

J'espère un jour pouvoir assiter à un opéra en direct.
digne successeur de ce que l'Italie a produit de mieux dans le domaine de l'art lyrique

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Abbiamo appreso del tuo successo! tanti tanti complimenti da noi tutti! Eravamo sicuri che saresti stato GRANDE!!!!!!
Con affetto
Minicucci e Maione

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Dear Vittorio

I heard you yesterday by radio in your Met debut. My congratulations !!!
Wish you all the best . Will be in contact